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The talented Producer and DJ Jacob Colon kicked off 2024 with another collection of sensational episodes for his ‘Made to Move’ radio show; delivering an epic month of mixes, January on the show was no doubt a must-listen for both fans of Jacob Colon and music enthusiasts alike, standing out with memorable track listings and its signature vibrant energy. So, with January offering another impactful selection of music from both the top talent and budding Producers on the scene, Jacob Colon once again made sure listeners remained hooked, eagerly anticipating the next instalment. 

Known for his unique blend of House and Tech House, Jacob Colon continues to gain a following of loyal listeners who remain eager to dive deep into his sonic world, captivated by his seemingly natural ability to deliver electrifying performances, stellar releases, and powerful episodes of ‘Made To Move’. During January’s episodes, Jacob Colon offered a diverse listening experience, varying the track line-ups with music from a range of Artists like San Pacho, Gene Farris, Matizze and Cheyne Christian, among others. As he continues to delve into the world of Electronic Music to discover the freshest sounds on the scene, Jacob Colon keeps using his platform to promote the rising stars of the genre, bringing more and more up-and-coming talent into his mixes every week. 

With each episode taking the listener on an invigorating journey filled with tribal rhythms and infectious grooves, the sound and energy that Jacob Colon manages to curate within each mix certainly appears as a credit to his impressive production skillset. As he consistently presents dynamic and colourful auditory journeys for his listeners to immerse themselves in, it is Jacob Colon’s passion that also continues to shine through; with a true love for Electronic Music and an experienced knowledge of the genre, his perspective comes as a refreshing take and one that is no doubt worthy of attention.  

So, whether approaching Jacob Colon’s radio show as a seasoned genre enthusiast or a newcomer looking to discover more about Electronic Music, Jacob Colon’s ‘Made To Move’ emerges as the perfect destination to uncover the most fresh and exciting sounds on the scene. With its broadcast on over 40 international radio stations worldwide, ‘Made To Move’ is surely making an impact, leaving a lasting impression as more and more listeners are drawn to its powerful sounds and infectious energy. So, stay tuned for the next episode of ‘Made To Move’, as Jacob Colon promises to keep taking you to the dancefloor.

Check out all episodes here:

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