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Julian Fijma - BLF003 Devious Dog

Residing in a small town in the Netherlands, DJ and producer Julian Fijma has clearly got a bright future ahead of him.

With his previous productions already catching the eye of some of the most respected artists in the scene like East End Dubs, Rossi, Archie Hamilton, and more, we already know his musical impact will grow far past the small town he comes from.

Taking inspiration from many music genres, he prefers not to be pigeonholed into one category, and he uses many different inspirations to craft his own unique sound consisting of heavy basslines and groovy drums, with this EP being no exception. All four tracks are full of energy, driving, punchy, and made for peak moments on the dancefloor. Nothing short of the Belief ethos; to make people dance.

With hints of nostalgia, Devious Dog and Virtual Reality encourage you to feel within a game, while Shadow of Tomorrow and Unresponsive Movement includes a full-fat flavour, with subtle shades of acid pulsating through these turbulent tech cuts.

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