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Kindimmer prepares "Fathers Without Fathers" on Omena

Kindimmer prepares "Fathers Without Fathers" on Omena

Kindimmer's latest EP "Fathers Without Fathers," released under Omena Records, is an exploration of the artist's innovative side. This three-track EP is a vibrant blend of futuristic soundscapes and dancefloor energy, reminiscent of Mount Kimbie with a twist of Floating Points' style.

The title track, "Fathers Without Fathers," is a fusion of garage and bass, pulsating with an unrelenting energy. It’s a track that infuses traditional electronic elements with a fresh, dynamic Kindimmer type rhythm.

"Futurama" then takes us on a different journey, adorned with sun-drenched strings and a sound design that morphs elegantly into a cinematic anthem, showcasing the artist's versatility and finesse in sound engineering. The EP concludes with "Spotless," a track that harks back to Kindimmer's roots with its minimalist, melodic approach, yet maintains a steady groove. This EP is a collection of tracks that equal an immersive dip into Kindimmer's dedication to staying original.


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