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Leandro Silva - Envisage EP

London, United Kingdom 2023. We are excited to announce our upcoming release by talented producer Leandro Silva. The EP will be released on July 3 and available for purchase digitally in all music platforms. Leandro Silva is an unavoidable electronic music reference in Angola and is known for producing deep tracks. He started his DJ career in 1997 and released music on Pokerflat, Manual Music, and MoBlack. He has been working with artists like Robert Owens, Inaya Day, and Mr. V., to name a few. His tracks had the support of DJS such as Ashley Beedle, Jimpster, Phonique, Lars Behrenroth, and Roger Sanchez.

His upcoming release will offer a new collection of tracks that showcase his unique sound and style. A chunky beat and swinging hats open 'Envisage,' the first track on the release. There is a smooth, subby bassline that is accompanied by warm chords and groovy keys. This smooth and warm tune will spice up your late-night music session. The next track, 'Forecast', offers a more focused deep house groove with a warm, exploratory nature. The spectrum is filled with textures and a steady, hypnotic bass line stands out, making this a must for those with a curious mind. ‘Envision’ is the last track from the EP. This piece of electronica is characterised by dark, murky textures, metallic percussion, and contrasting chords. A mildmannered beat is combined with dark sounds to form an interesting narrative. An intriguing piece. We would appreciate your feedback.


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