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M4LA presents Hoult EP

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Mal Sharp, aka M4LA lands on Beyonders Music with more of his expressive musical explorations.

Alongside James, aka J1Mi, Jason Goodings and Nick Grimes, Mal is an integral member of Beyonders, a collective of boundary-pushing artists dedicated to sonic experimentation. He has already achieved plenty over his career and plays everything from piano to guitar and drums. In the mid-2000s, Mal made his mark on the scene as one-third of Craggz and Parallel Forces and released an album, several singles, and EPs on labels like Valve and Product Recordings. He has also worked with James Hadfield (aka J1Mi) to produce guitar-focused music spanning more diverse genres and now shows his solo skill with this fine new EP.

'Hoult' opens up with an elegant, elastic rhythm built from funk guitar work and organic drums. Sustained chords speak to the heavens while the shimmering vocal brings the soul to this most feel-good groove. Following the laidback instrumental version comes the wonderfully seductive 'Diaspora'. This deep and late-night sound has a dubby undercurrent, with big hits echoing out amongst neat guitar riffs and cosmic sonic details. It reveals more with each listen and fuses downtempo, Balearic and organic house music in heartfelt fashion. Last is 'Violin Track', which is just that - a rousing piece powered by emotionally stirring violins that soar to the heavens next to mellifluous piano chords. It's brilliantly dramatic and will form a centrepiece in any set.

These are quite different but equally excellent explorations from M4LA on this latest EP from the Beyonders Music collective. In time, this series of label EPs will make up an album from the collective, so watch this space for further instalments.


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