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MANTi Lands on Marginalia with ‘Call Out’ EP

Following the remarkable international success of Elif’s emphatic Medusa EP back in September, recently-formed Barcelona-based imprint Marginalia now looks to double its burgeoning release tally with the announcement of the label’s eagerly anticipated sophomore offering, Call Out EP.

Another exquisite three-part package bearing all the hallmarks of the label’s flourishing sound palate – and with early support from industry heavyweights Oostil and Mira amongst others – Marginalia’s second release sees label boss Elif invite hotly-tipped LA-based, Iranian producer MANTi to the imprint for her eagerly-anticipated label debut.

Making her intentions known from the off, MANTi kick-starts the EP with the dynamic title track Call Out, a deeply meditative cut that harnesses driving techno kicks and an intoxicating web of trippy synth intricacies. Darting between organic timbres and cosmic tones, MANTi’’s euphoric mosaic of juxtaposed sound design elements makes this one of the most unique tracks on the label to date.

The EP’s second offering Renegade takes a stylistic turn from its predecessor, boasting a tribal rhythm that’s both rich and atmospheric in its effect. Presenting another masterful array of synth components that weave effortlessly between one another, Renegade takes listeners on a cinematic journey that’s vibrant, exciting and wholly satisfying.

Lastly, stepping up for all-important remix duties, the EP closer sees rising Argentinian talent Ditian take on the heady Renegade. Following a run of critically acclaimed releases on the likes of Innervisions, TAU, Lost & Found, Renaissance and Applied Magic (to name a few) over the course of his career, Ditian now peels back MANTi’s labyrinth of synth complexities for his Marginalia label debut, as he reveals an altogether different side to the cut that champions melodic dissonance and tight percussion.

MANTi – Call Out EP (incl. Ditian Remix) is out now via Marginalia:

Call Out EP Tracklist:

1. MANTi – Call Out (Original Mix)

2. MANTi – Renegade (Original Mix)

3. MANTi – Renegade (Ditian Remix)

Artist: MANTi, Ditian

Title: Call Out EP

Label: Marginalia

Release Date: October 27, 2023

Format: Digital


About Marginalia:

The conceptual brainchild of Turkish-born, Barcelona-based DJ and producer, Elif, Marginalia is a new home for undiscovered electronic artists to express their unbridled creativity within a framework of absolute sonic freedom. Established as a platform to support, nurture and develop the incredible output of the unknown producers whose music forms the backbone of Elif’s DJ sets worldwide, Marginalia represents a forward-thinking community that looks to bolster the profiles of the hardest working – often least rewarded – individuals in the music industry; individuals without whom the scene’s ecosystem would collapse entirely.

The etymology of the name itself dates back to the 11th Century and references the wildly inventive notes, markings, doodles and sketches made in the margins of medieval books and scriptures — a place where the human imagination was free to run wild. Spurring uninhibited creativity, avant-garde thinking and a safe place of expression for largely undiscovered talent, Elif now looks to translate this age-old tradition into a twenty-first century paradigm and give back to the incredible pool of artists to whom she owes so much.

Unwavering in her mission, Elif’s commitment to showcasing the very finest electronic music whilst supporting burgeoning talent stems from her resolute pledge to the positive evolution of our beloved scene. Expounding this mission with a clear artistic vision running through all aspects of the label’s output and sound design, Marginalia now looks set to contribute to the on-going development of underground electronic music in both a refreshing and sustainable new way.

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