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Matter of Phat - 'Facing Facts EP' [ceol crua]

Matter of Phat - 'Facing Facts EP' [ceol crua]

When you drop a debut EP, you want one with a resonance that's hard to ignore. Ceol Crua's maiden voyage, 'Facing Facts EP' by the newfound trio, Matter of Phat, is a seductive entanglement of Acid Techno that promises to be the heartthrob of London's clandestine rave culture. The collaborative effort of Paddy Kearns, Sam DFL, and Rich Sortwell shines bright in the dark recesses of techno, their veteran instincts moulding a sound that's both fresh and reminiscent of classic underground vibes embodied by icons like DAVE the Drummer and Chris Liberator.

The EP is a dance of two core tracks, 'Tekno Power' and 'Stay on Top', each a statement of hard as nails Techno. 'Tekno Power' is a relentless march towards euphoria while 'Stay on Top' offers a rhythm that's both assertive and hypnotic. Yet, it’s the tribal-infused remix of 'Tekno Power' by Paddy Kearns that steals the limelight, offering a riveting twist to an already captivating narrative.

Kearns, with a legacy stretching over 25 years under various celebrated monikers, flexes his versatility with this remix, adding a layer of sonic mystique that elevates the EP to a realm of its own - to dive deeper see his recent interview with Only Techno ( ).

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