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Meetch: ‘Digital Dance Radio’ – January

Meetch’s ‘Digital Dance Radio’ has gained impressive attention since its launch last year, continuing to draw in listeners with its striking mixes and stellar track line-ups. With January’s episodes appearing to keep the quality high, Meetch no doubt showed himself to be just as motivated and driven as he entered the new year, constructing seamlessly blended mixes for listeners to enjoy. The excitement on ‘Digital Dance Radio’ was elevated even further with the addition of a guest mix from the production duo, Stafford Brothers; coming as a surprising and memorable moment for the radio show, the guest star of the month, along with Meetch’s own impeccable mixes, no doubt made January unmissable for ‘Digital Dance Radio’ fans. 

During the month, Meetch gave listeners an insight into his unique tastes and original perspective on Electronic Dance Music; as he highlighted work from Artists like Rnbstylerz, HÄWK, and Kyle Watson, to name only a few, Meetch demonstrated an expansive knowledge of the genre and an informed familiarity with the current trends and hottest sounds within Electronic Dance Music today. With over a decade of live music experience, it is no surprise that Meetch is able to offer listeners an electrifying and engaging auditory experience with each episode, translating the energetic vibes of his live sets into hour-long mixes for fans to immerse themselves in. Quickly becoming a noteworthy tastemaker on the scene, Meetch and his unique creativity certainly continue to stand out. 

Alongside Meetch’s mixes, the Stafford Brothers took to the decks last month, injecting ‘Digital Dance Radio’ with a heightened level of pulse-racing vibes. With a mix that featured work from their own production catalogue, including their tracks ‘Rave Shake’ and ‘Detonate’, as well as music from renowned Artists like Skrillex and Marten Hørger, the Stafford Brothers’ guest mix certainly raised the bar, igniting the airwaves with even more sonic vibrancy. 

So, as he continues to bring an extensive range of music with each episode, Meetch ensures that ‘Digital Dance Radio’ remains high on the list for any genre fan looking for a surprising and enlightening listen. As he promises even more powerful episodes over the coming months, Meetch’s ‘Digital Dance Radio’ surely remains a show not to be missed.

Listen to ‘Digital Dance Radio’ here: 

Meetch Online


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