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Meetch presents ‘8 Bits & Pieces’

Meetch unveils his newest single, ‘8 Bits & Pieces’; available as a free download, this 8 Bit / Chiptune track emerges as yet another powerful reminder of Meetch’s unique signature sound, coming as an original production infused with playful sonic details and colourful energy. As genre lovers continue to be drawn into his vibrant sonic world, Meetch is sure to keep gaining a reputation, making a name for himself within Electronic Music. 

Known for a distinct style, Meetch has already enjoyed several milestone achievements during his musical journey so far; notably, with a talent for delivering unforgettable live DJ sets, Meetch’s work on the live DJing circuit has seen him take to iconic stages like Pacha, Stage 48 and Club Amazura, as well as performing alongside top genre VIPs like Skrillex, Deorro and 12th Planet. As he continues to build a momentum that shows no signs of slowing, Meetch is no doubt making an impact; having begun hosting his weekly radio show, ‘Digital Dance Radio’, Meetch has found a new and exciting way to express his creativity, connecting with fans as he continues to share his unique and original perspective on Electronic Music.

With this newest release, Meetch once again shines a light on his innovative approach towards music production, sharing with fans a track whose sonic makeup appears both innovative and fresh. Featuring compelling risers, driving rhythms, catchy bouncy synth hooks, and playful elements, ‘8 Bits & Pieces’ guides listeners through a soundscape detailed with vibrant melodic hits and surprising sonic moments; a track sure to leave an impression, this new release from Meetch no doubt delivers an engaging and immersive listen, one sure to stand out within the genre. 

As he keeps his drive and motivation high, raising the bar with each new release, Meetch displays a confidence when it comes to taking his creativity into new realms of sonic discovery and excitement; appearing as a Producer and DJ unafraid to push boundaries, this new production from Meetch once again proves him to be a talent to watch out for within Electronic Music. So, make sure to follow him across social media to remain in the know about future releases and shows. ‘8 Bits & Pieces’ is available to download now.

Listen and Download ‘8 Bits & Pieces’ Now: 


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