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Meetch presents ‘Digital Dance Radio’ – October

Meetch kept the energy high throughout October with episodes of his weekly radio show ‘Digital Dance Radio’. As he continues to bring electrifying mixes to his listeners, invigorating them with the punchy and hard-hitting sounds of Dance music, Meetch consistently shows himself as an impressive talent within the genre; merging his passion for Electronic Music with his impeccable mixing abilities, Meetch makes sure his radio show highlights the hottest music on the scene, bringing attention to the work of both established VIPs and fresh up-and-coming talent.

Last month on the show proved no different as Meetch featured a diverse and varied range of gifted Artists, from BRANDON to Ben Corry; an exciting month for fans of ‘Digital Dance Radio’, October stood out with its energetic selection of tracks. Within the episodes, Meetch featured well-known productions like, ‘I Wanna Kiss’ by HUGEL and BIJOU’s ‘Gang Gang’, to name only a couple, shining a light on the musical staples of Dance Music and cementing ‘Digital Dance Radio’ as an ideal listen for newcomers to familiarise themselves with the genre. As the show provided yet more infectious grooves and hypnotic beats, guiding listeners on a dynamic sonic journey that is sure to have raised the energy, Meetch’s radio show continues to establish itself as a go-to destination for Electronic Music enthusiasts to dive deep into the genre and discover the brightest stars on the scene.

With ‘Digital Dance Radio’ quickly gaining momentum, it seems that it can only be a matter of time before Meetch’s radio show becomes known around the world as one of the most influential tastemakers within the genre. Each week, the show strikes back with more unmissable mixes, showcasing Meetch’s skilled talent as he curates seamlessly blended sets that never fail to engage with listeners, immersing them in powerful sonic landscapes that remain consistent in their portrayal of the lively vibes inherent within Electronic Dance Music. An undeniable must-listen radio show, make sure to tune into the next episode of ‘Digital Dance Radio’ this November.

Listen to ‘Digital Dance Radio’ here:

Meetch Online

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