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Melleefresh - ‘Melleefresh House Party’ – April

Melleefresh delivered more energetic episodes of her radio show, ‘Melleefresh House Party’, during April, bringing the heat with a collection of sonically exciting, enlightening, and varied mixes. Since embarking on her musical journey, Melleefresh has continued to present a musical originality and distinct energy and her radio show remains a prominent portrayal of this: consistently offering listeners party-starter vibes as she carefully constructs track listings that translate dancefloor energy through the airwaves, Melleefresh ensures her show comes as the ideal listen for genre enthusiasts to discover fresh sounds, lively beats, and anthemic Dance productions. 

Within April’s episodes, Melleefresh incorporated a range of tracks, packing each episode with music that was unique in sonic makeup and driving in rhythmic momentum; immersing listeners in powerful track listings, the show brought attention to Melleefresh’s unique abilities when it comes to constructing seamlessly blended mixes, considered in her approach and thoughtful in selection. During the month, Melleefresh not only presented work from her own discography, including tracks like her recent collaboration alongside Hectic titled ‘Drop It’, but her track line-ups during April also made sure to spotlight a varied range of talent, from the well-known to those still establishing their place on the scene. With each mix blending across the spectrum of Electronic Dance Music, showcasing the work of innovative Artists on the scene, Melleefresh’s radio show continues to highlight her talents while bringing attention to her extensive knowledge and understanding of the genre. 

As ‘Melleefresh House Party’ keeps growing its collection of episodes, offering listeners new episodes each week, the work, commitment, and enthusiasm behind the radio show continues to emerge as a bold display of Melleefresh’s love and passion for Electronic Dance Music itself. As she remains driven and determined, taking to new sonic territories to continue making a name for herself, Melleefresh is no doubt a talent to keep up with. So, be sure to listen to the next instalment of ‘Melleefresh House Party’ and stay up-to-date with Melleefresh by following her across social media.  

Listen to ‘Melleefresh House Party’ episodes here:

Melleefresh Online


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