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Mexico City mainstay Dam Vera debuts on Permanent Vacation with a dazzling new disco EP that is set to bring plenty of international attention

For the last 20 years, Dam Vera has been driving his native scene forward as a DJ and co-founder of the influential party Galaxie Nites. He has held residencies in some of the most emblematic clubs in town and is a part of the cult local weekly gathering Sunday Sunday which is now expanding worldwide. His sound explores aspects of house, Italo disco and 2000s electroclash, and after previously releasing edits, he now makes his full production debut. The EP is named after Vera's 18-year-old dog, who passed away during the production process.

The magical title track opens up with waves of sugary synth and cascading arps that wash over you, leaving you full of joy. The production is high class and the melodies are packed with real feelings that captivate mind, body and soul. The superb 'Dolly' soon establishes a fat disco groove but one that takes off to the stars on beautiful wispy synth motifs. More rugged arps and wet claps add the details to this feel-good pumper. Finally, 'Timo' is also built on big, compelling kick drums, but this one is lit up with heartfelt piano chords that dance about next to silky smooth synths as a more zippy lead brings plenty of dynamism to Vera's distinctive take on disco house.

This is an accomplished debut release that sets up Dam Vera for a huge 2024.






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