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MIX: Chromatic Podcast 129 | MUM0L

One of the pillars of Paranoid Collab, adds his colorful personality to this unique squad. Inexhaustible positive energy is his trademark. Both when he takes up the reins behind the decks leading the rhythm of the party and also when he happily shares dance floor with an audience. An artist has been continuing his mission for many years since he has been to a trance party for the first time. The event opened for him some new music paths. Amazed by what he experienced that evening he happened to feel a strong hunger of following this direction. Regular attendance to similar events, interest in other Djs publications and producers made him a connoisseur of trance, techno and other types of electronic music.

After many years of taking part in great parties he decided to create his own sets. In 2013 he bought decks and started to practice to find his own Dj style. Lately he has played in almost all of the most important techno clubs in Trójmiasto, and not only. Those who had a chance to see he him on stage know that he cares especially about selection. Although Mum0l stays open to other styles and types and he bravely mix them into monolith. His selection oscillates between melodic etheric deep techno, dark techno, progressive and industrial hit. He builds tension with great sense and tells music stories based on deep bass, sublime melodies in the rhythm causing faster heartbeat.

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