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MNTRA steps up to Justin Martin's What To Do label with catchy new single, ‘Waiting’, featuring Victoria Rae

MNTRA is based in Southern California and has cultivated a funky-fresh and avant-garde style of house music that draws on the swing of tech. It comes with big basslines and rich melodies on labels like Tons & Tons, OKNF, and Electro Swing Thing and has hit the top spot in the Beatport charts before now. He has played plenty of the West Coast's finest clubs and events and is now set to make his mark on Europe with this latest release.

The brilliant 'Waiting' has heavy low ends and rubbery broken beats that soon lock you into the fat groove. Wonky synths bring plenty of dance floor impact, and the crisp percussion drives things forward. The icing on the cake is a great vocal from Victoria Rae that brings subtle soul and plenty of seductive emotions next to the futuristic melodies.

MNTRA’s ‘Waiting’ featuring Victoria Rae is out February 2nd on What To Do.


01 Waiting featuring Victoria Rae

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