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Native Transmissions - Neighbourhood Odyssey EP

Native Transmissions - Neighbourhood Odyssey EP

Native Transmissions' debut on Omena, "Neighbourhood Odyssey EP," marks a significant milestone for Lee Dearn. Known for his work with Purple Velvet, Dearn's solo venture under this moniker showcases his head for crafting melodies that linger. The EP, a unique blend that veers away from conventional house music, offering a fresh, experimental edge.

"Neighbourhood Odyssey," the title track, sets the tone with its old-school sample flavor, blending seamlessly into the more rhythmically adventurous "You Where Ruled By The Track." The EP culminates with an edit of the title track, offering a refined take on the already captivating original. This collection is a testament to Dearn's ability to balance catchy melodies with meticulous attention to detail, delivering a sound that is both familiar and novel.

The artist's own description of the EP as "wonderful warming house music" rings true. It's a soothing, nostalgic journey through house music's legacy.

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