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New Album and Music Video By Periode from Berlin

Periode's much-anticipated fifth album, "Periode 5 (Contigummi)," unfolds as a captivating journey comprising seven distinct pieces. The album weaves seamlessly between four instrumental compositions and three vocal tracks, creating a rich and diverse musical tapestry. Especially the heavy-edged and bass-saturated "Contigummi" will give you the shivvers, featuring intricate guitar work that pays homage to vibrant nights out in London. Collaborating with artist Kathia Rudametkin, the track "Hair & Make-Up" is a mesmerizing electro jam with bilingual lyrics effortlessly transitioning between English and Spanish. The track envelops the listener with echoes of noisy guitars and strings, creating a seductive sonic experience. And as a bonus treat, the album includes April's 4:04 Remix of "Hair & Make-Up," elevating the original with more bass, beats, rave keys, and a disco-inspired groove. It's a delightful addition that enhances the overall sonic experience of the album. A richly crafted longplayer full of desire, attention to detail and moving sound narratives.


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