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New music on 12+1 London for 2024

2024 starts strong for the British imprint, 12+1 London, let’s take a look back. End of last year was a massive support and most of the artists reached tops. Some examples, releases from Antss and the chief u z z vNine LP’ to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the label including collaborations with Jamahr, Barucc, Last Vision, Ekoboy and Adam Braiman.

Beginning of January, one of the exponents in the Brazilian electronic music scene, Diego Lima has been highlighting and he joined forces with his compatriot from São Paulo, Jorge Mattos. They signed on labels such as Nervous, CR2 or Toolroom, and now they are very welcome to 12+1 London family. House vibes on 'Dance Only' Extended Play, including 2 original tracks, 'Dance Like Free' and 'Only One'. The Numbers Series continue also in 2024 and the first Volume of the year (Vol.12) included tracks from family members such as Cele '0056' or Jayro '0057'. The Argentinian Franco Musachi who released '0041' last year is back too alongside Constanza Pucheta on '0058'. New artists on the label and great newcomers such as Brazilian Thiago Cohen and Italian Piero Acinapura made '0059' and '0060' respectively.

Albanian born brothers Enjo and Jurgen also known as Dajku Twins, habituals on festivals such as UNUM and Italian best clubs signed the release number ninety-five of the label. Garage touches on the included 2 original tracks called 'Onda' where also acid vibes can feel it and 'Question' with a powerful bass-line ready to rock the dancefloor. The duo DJ known by the head-honcho u z z v around couple of years ago on a shared album with himself, released on our friend Rini's label Ad Maiora, made 'Onda EP’, the fifth release part of 'Distortion Zebra' era.

You can follow the Soundcloud profile to keep listening to the upcoming quality releases including tracks from JUST2, Marko Nastic, Muse Groove, Bartolome, Andy Peimbert, YIA, Poulsen… just to name a few artists that are coming up before European summer time.


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