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NEWS: Andert Tysma presents Children Of Trinoom

Dutch artist and composer Andert Tysma come out from behind the shadows to release his debut album on Apollo Records this autumn. The seasoned musician has toured the world performing bass and piano with several artists and bands, and on ‘Children Of Trinoom’, Tysma fully immerses himself in a solo offering of breath- taking quality.

Recorded primarily in Atlas Studios on the outskirts of Berlin and engineered and mixed by the award winning Robin Hunt, who constructed a unique recording space in a repurposed GDR metal foundry, the long player brings together eight emotive and tender compositions showcasing the refreshing neo-classic style that Tysma has made his own.

A visit to Nashville, Tennessee and a love of country music led to the incorporation of the pedal steel guitar into Tysma’s music, played beautifully by David Gram on two tracks here. ‘Children Of Trinoom’ continues to take influence from everyday situations and decisions, as well as from the world of art, music and literature. The album is, in part, inspired by the Dutch jazz conductor, pianist, trumpeter and latterly (like Tysma himself), a doctor, Boy Edgar.

The entirely instrumental suite of compositions tells an abstract autobiographical story in eight diverging tracks, investigating the juxtaposition of a disparate world, an essential theme for Tysma.




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