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NEWS: Guillaume from Spain drops Lost in Translation EP on Monaberry

Guillaume aka Guillem Cano is a valencian musician known for mixing genres such as Afro House or Indie Dance in his work and productions. Like any other artist, since an early age music has sorrounded his life, and after many years of being a bass player, in 2020 he finally jumps into electronic music as Guillaume, a project where he combines organic sounds and digital instruments in order to create a powerful clubbing sound. Through electronic music, this artist turns his life experiences into music. So the artist is now releasing his new EP "Lost in Translations" on the label Monaberry - the imprint of Super Flu. The label regularly releases high-calibre and up-and-coming acts, including Tim Engelhardt, Andhim, Jamiie and Viktor Talking Machine. With his EP, Guillaume takes us into very danceable and at the same time fantastic sound worlds, full of organic warmth and enchanting arrangements for the dance floors of this world. Analog Sol combines vintage synths, 80’s nostalgia, and a love of sunset parties to keep the spirit of the underground alive. Born in Sydney and based in Barcelona, he has performed in over thirty countries, bringing his thrilling mix of Melodic Techno, Afro-House, and Caribbean vibes to a worldwide audience. And this eclectic mix also finds its way into his remix - gorgeous.


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