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NEWS: Jordan Peak Returns - Launches Peak Trax imprint with new ‘Ultrasonic’ EP

Actualizado: 25 nov 2022

Jordan Peak triumphantly caps his welcome comeback with the launch of his own imprint Peak Trax and its first release, 3-tracker ‘Ultrasonic’. The DJ/producer had top line support from the off, blasting onto the scene with his powerful classic house and techno, together with a more experimental strand… before complications stemming from cystic fibrosis and a bad experience of being spiked at a gig led to battles with anxiety and depression, imposing a musical hiatus from which he emerged this summer with his ‘Less Drama, More Party’ EP which as before, garnered support from BBC Radio 1 big names. Jordan explains his new label’s mission: ‘Each release will be 3 tracks by me, to showcase all the different sounds and genres I make and play. It will always have a house track, a techno track then a non 4/4 track (breaks, electro, jungle, maybe even something downtempo and non-clubby but more cinematic).’ The EP starts as he means to go on: ‘Ultrasonic’: no holds barred house kicks, rattling hi-hats, reverbing bass and assertive male vocal riffing rhyming couplets, inset with a suspenseful breakdown – his patterns stamp themselves on the brain then shift, creating a succession of compulsive hooks. ‘Track 07’: more hardcore dance floor fuel, with classic techno bounding bass drum and backbeat claps, spiced with heavy synth notes in staggered, urgent riffs, with breakdowns of muffled synth building to more speed, more hypnotic engagement of feet and mind. Lose Your Mind’: A beat for cheerleaders from hell, juddering synth notes, a robotic voice intoning ‘lose your mind’, going woozy and psychedelic in the breakdowns before a moog-y synth like a dystopian police siren enriches the intriguing soundscape.

Having emerged stronger than ever from a personal ordeal, newly inspired to make and share great music, Jordan Peak is ready to climb his next mountain. Track list:

  1. Ultrasonic

  2. Track 07

  3. Lose Your Mind

Connect with Jordan Peak on Spotify | Soundcloud | Instagram


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