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NEWS: Justin Hahn drops "Hiding in the Darkness"

Justin Hahn releases his new single "Hiding in the Darkness" - an energetic club tune for peak time. The young producer and DJ combines an infectious arrangement of thick groove, subtle percussion and melodic synths with a sweaty short break and mini-vocal part. The speedy build of the track makes it a sure shot with no questions asked. Justin Hahn proves his sense for the moment with "Hiding in the Darkness" and takes the listener on a magical journey through the night.

No doubt, Justin Hahn has fused two important schools of electronic music culture. Shuttling between Ibiza and the techno-historical city of Frankfurt, he combines the varieties of techno, deep house to tech house. With the irrepressible energy of a young artist, he transforms dance floors into places of ecstasy. His productions as well as his mixes take the crowd on a pulse-pounding journey full of electrifying moments. Whether during his sunset sessions in Ibiza or deep in the night in the clubs or during his mix sessions like at Ibiza Global Radio - Justin Hahn is full of passion and stands for a characteristic driving sound.


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