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Nico Lahs presents Ancestors Call Part 2

Nico Lahs is back with the second chapter of his "Ancestors Call" saga, and it's another mesmerizing installment that showcases the Italian producer's deep understanding of house music's roots and his ability to push the genre into new directions. Part 2 is a four-track EP that explores different moods and ideas, ranging from the uplifting and ethereal to the cosmic and trippy. Nico Lahs creates tracks that are both detailed and soulful.

If you're a fan of deep and spiritual house music, Nico Lahs' "Ancestors Call Part 2" is a must-have EP that will transport you to higher realms of consciousness. With its rich textures and warm melodies this record will keep you grooving and dreaming from start to finish, and leave you craving for more of Nico Lahs' musical magic. Omena once again delivers a top-notch release that showcases one of the brightest in the scene, and confirms its reputation as a label that cares about quality and authenticity.

Record out now!


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