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NIN3S Releases Studio Album 'Abstract View'

'Abstract View' is the second album by the Spanish musician NIN3S, now based in the USA, which will be released throughout 2023. The collection follows the release of his debut LP 'Hopeyard' (Dorado Records, 2022), which claimed vast support throughout the media and is regarded as one of the best electronic albums of last year.

As expected, in this second long-format instalment, NIN3S gambles with an all or nothing approach, relinquishing all control, illusions and risks, as is the norm for his musical adventures; both before, as UNER; like now, under this new alias. And yes, this is a new masterpiece and it won't be the last.

'Abstract View' will be releases on NIN3S very own imprint, 'N3s', coming as a ten track collection among which three singles will pave the way; 'Eleven', 'Talking to none' and 'Un tango’. Each single is built up from their primary backbone of the piano, evolving to triphop, jazz, electronica, rock, sound design, etc. NIN3S opens a door that gives us access to emotional, abstract and cosmic environments.

NIN3S continues to surprise us with his monumental musical proposals, alien to modes and fashions, in which quality, emotion, the avant-garde and the classic add up in the same direction, towards infinity.


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