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Oblique presents "Running Towards The Sun"

The Synthwave band Oblique are back with a new single that promises to be a must-have addition to any genre lover's collection. "Running Towards the Sun" is a song that combines retro-futuristic elements with a vibrant melody and an energetic rhythm, which invites the listener to get carried away by the sound and the emotions it arouses.

With influences ranging from synthwave classics to the latest electronic music, Oblique has created a song that makes you feel like you're living an epic adventure in a world of neon. The single promises to be an unparalleled listening experience for all fans of the genre.

"Running Towards the Sun" is a showcase of the band's talent and ability to create music that makes you vibrate and takes you on an unforgettable musical journey. The song will be available on all digital platforms on March 17th, so don't miss the opportunity to listen to it and enjoy the energy that Oblique has managed to capture in this new single. Get ready to running towards the sun with the music of Oblique.


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