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Ornery launches new label Daydreaming with 'Calling' EP alongside Michael Ritter

The first release on Daydreaming, new label launched by Ornery, is a collaboration between the label founder himself and Michael Ritter, who also provides vocals for the main track. "Calling" is a melodic piece, atmospheric yet energetic, sublimated by Michael’s magical vocal part. A statement for what the label’s palette will be: soundscapes and emotions. On remix duties, we find an outstanding trio of artists from different parts of the world, all adding their unique touch to the title track.

JP Lantieri’s take is a sublime piece where arpeggios and bassline perfectly interpolate with the vocals, lifting the track to a new level. In Intaktogene’s version, the vocals take a slight back seat, only to be reintroduced and followed by an epic melodic crescendo for maximum dancefloor energy. Last but not least, we find Joe Fisher twisting the vocals in a completely unique way, infusing the track with even more energy and drive, while maintaining the original atmosphere. The package is completed by "The Arrival”, a more introspective yet still uplifting piece; and by an instrumental version of "Calling”.

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