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Actualizado: 14 jun

Summer has arrived and with it the need for music that reflects the joy and carelessness that the hottest season of the year brings. In this context, the French duo Pandhora, formed by Amine Amara and Rémi Forsan, give us their most recent single, 'Papaya'. This song, created in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Stéphane Salerno, promises to be the anthem of beach parties and summer gatherings.

A Tropical Ode

'Papaya' is a musical celebration that encapsulates the essence of summer and the tropical flavor of the fruit that gives it its name. From the first chords, Saz de Stéphane Salerno hypnotizing riff transports the listener to exotic, sunny landscapes. This traditional stringed instrument, originating from the Middle East, adds cultural depth and unique texture to the song, fusing the ancient with the contemporary in a masterful way.

Structure and Melody

The song is built on a solid and enveloping rhythmic foundation, with a perfect tempo for the dance floor. The playful vocals that adorn the melody are a key element, providing a cheerful and dynamic counterpoint to the main riff. These vocals not only complement the instrumental structure, but also add a playful dimension that makes 'Papaya' impossible to ignore when playing at a party.

Change of tone

Pandhora's previous release 'Entre Deux' explored love from an introspective and reflective perspective. With 'Papaya', the duo has decided to take a 180 degree turn, offering their audience a happy and carefree piece. This new single is presented as a shamanic chant designed to invoke feelings of well-being and calm. The collaboration with Stephane Salerno results in a song that is not only fun, but also spiritual, providing a soul-purifying listening experience.

Emotional Impact

Pandhora and Stéphane Salerno have created a kind of sound ceremony with 'Papaya'. The song has the ability to heal the heart and spirit, offering a sonic escape from daily stress and pressures. Through a cosmic mantra and hypnotic rhythms, 'Papaya' invites listeners to disconnect from their worries and immerse themselves in a state of pure joy and relaxation.


'Papaya' is not just a song for summer parties. Its versatility makes it the ideal soundtrack for a wide variety of contexts. From social media videos capturing memorable moments, to love stories and lasting memories, the song is perfectly suited to any situation that requires an injection of positive energy and happy vibes.


In short, 'Papaya' is a celebration of life in its purest form. With their mix of enveloping rhythms, catchy melodies and unexpected spiritual depth, Pandhora and Stephane Salerno have managed to create a musical gem that will resonate in our hearts and minds for a long time. This single not only sets the perfect tone for summer, but also reinforces music's ability to connect people and uplift the spirit. If you are looking for a song that makes you feel alive and full of joy, 'Papaya' is undoubtedly the perfect choice.


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