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Paul K - Hyperobjects [BasilicaMusic]

Record Sounds Like: Hyperobjects is a piano driven ambient/electronica album with influences from Ryuichi Sakamoto, Brian Eno, Max Richter and Hinako Omori

In the galaxy of contemporary electronic music, where the line between the analogue and digital blurs, Paul K strives to shine the light of innovation with his latest offering "Hyperobjects." Released on BasilicaMusic this April 19. This album is all about Paul's extensive musical exploration and his skill at defining concepts and crafting soundscapes that resonate on a universal level. Following the critical acclaim of "The Space Between," "Hyperobjects" marks a continuation of Paul K's journey into the depths of ambient and electronica, guided by the touch of the piano, the timbre of the cello, and the intricacies of modular synthesis.

"Hyperobjects" - an 11 track collection, each with a unique narrative woven from the threads of ideas people experience in the modern world. The album delves into an eclectic array of themes from, spirituality, the human condition, environmental consciousness, and the ephemeral nature of existence. The record creates a rich blend of auditory experiences. From the opening movements of "Diaspora" to the contemplative resonance of the title track, Paul K, with Rachel Dawson on cello, invites listeners into a world where the boundaries are beautifully simple. The album’s sound, a confluence of influences from luminaries such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Brian Eno, Max Richter, and Hinako Omori, is both an homage and a forward leap, embedding within its layers a minimalist yet expressive record.

For the title track "Hyperobjects", he was inspired by Timothy Morton's conceptual framework for understanding the vast objects/concepts that are within our understanding but beyond our immediate grasp. This philosophical underpinning is not just for show either; it is the core of the album. This LP challenges listeners to perceive beyond the immediate, to engage with music as a medium of connection and reflection. Paul K’s approach to composition—melding melody with ambient soundscapes, integrating cello lines with sampled voices, all while maintaining a minimalist integrity—demonstrates a understanding of ambient music’s potential not just as background texture, but as a dynamic participant in the listener's emotional landscape.

As we approach the release date for "Hyperobjects" he will be releasing an accompanying visuals set to premiere on Paul's YouTube channel. These videos promise to extend the album's exploration of its themes into the visual domain, offering a multi-sensory engagement with Paul's world. "Hyperobjects" pushes to be more than an album; it is an invitation to journey through concepts connected to the vastness of human experience, mediated by the subtle power of music to convey the inexpressible. In the hands of Paul K, electronic music moves beyond its genre confines, becoming a mirror to our soul, reflecting the complexity, beauty, and fragility of our existence.


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