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Pete Tong’s DJ Academy Announces Its Winners at IMS

The Pete Tong DJ Academy opened its doors to the world back in April of 2022 and since then it has become home to some of the most exciting up and coming talent. With a handpicked selection of only the very best tutors, Pete welcomed Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber, Adam Beyer,

Sama’ Abdulhadi, TSHA and Jamie Jones to lead the way when it came to guiding the next generation of DJs from their bedrooms to the booth.

Towards the end of last year, Pete announced the Future Talent Awards - an initiative in which the top 10 students are celebrated and awarded by the teachers of the academy, having the chance to play with them around the world and getting dedicated career-building support. The final winner crowned as the PTDJA Future Talent was also awarded during IMS, opening the lineup of the IMS Dalt Vila.

The Scholarships Program opened the opportunity to join the academy, to everyone and anyone who thinks they had the talent, with only 50 completely free places up for grabs.

During the application process, thousands of students submitted mixes to the team, to be critiqued by the

best DJs in the world. Quite a daunting task!

The team announced their Grand Prize winner is Argentinian producer and DJ – Constanza Pucheta. With releases this year on Dushe, and the iconic Relief, she is already well on her way to a successful career. “She’s amazing! There was a lot of people to listen and consider, but I thought she had such an incredible groove, a great flow while playing, and I enjoyed the tracks she selected. I am so happy she’ll be coming back to play with me at ‘In The Mood’ events around

the world. She is also so sexy!” – Nicole Moudaber

As the Grand Prize winner, she bagged herself a coveted spot playing her first set at the beautiful Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town, warming up for Pete. Nicole Moudaber and Carl also chose Constanza as their personal choices. A firm favourite with her funky, house vibes. “Her mix was awesome!

I enjoyed every aspect of it and I’m very happy to see her recognised for her hard work as the Future Awards winner. I hope that this provides her with the inspiration to continue doing what she loves. She will be opening one of my next shows in a few month’s time”. - Carl Cox.

It was a complete coincidence that Carl, Nicole and I chose her, we didn’t know we had the same finalist. Well deserved, she has a lot of talent” – adds Pete.

Adam Beyer chose Polish DJ DAHEIN as his top pick, after hearing his techno set. “I’ve watched and listened to all the material and the person that really stood out to me was DAHEIN. His sound just resonates with me. I was trying to approach the judging from a Drumcode perspective,

according to my own sound as well, and he nailed it with the same kind of techno vibe and tempo. He seems confident and the journey he provided in his set was impressive. I can see him working well on a main stage techno party, so for me, he was the guy”. – Adam Beyer

Showing age is just a number, and a number that really doesn't matter, is the amazing Liz Somes. Awarded as a winner by Sama’ Abdulhadi, the 57-year-old from Seattle started DJ’ing the year before covid. While live streaming during Covid she struggled with mental health as it

was not the same as being at the club. After taking a year off, she threw herself back into music and started levelling up. “Don't listen to the naysayers, especially the one in your head” says Liz.

“She started DJing 2 years ago and when watching and listening to her live set I was shocked because I wondered - How she got to be so good in only 2 year’s time, what’s the motivation behind that? I fell in love with the ways she mixes - she mixes like me as our techniques are really similar, she has patience and really cares about the details.

Her story was really inspiring, she really inspired me and that’s why she is the one! – Sama’ Abdulhadi The academy is excited to take these students under their wing and give them the tools to become part of the next generation of DJs. The additional 7 talented finalists from all corners of the world will also get a special mention and recognition including 2 Nomads, Cozmic Cat, Deefo, FiveQuestionMarks, Mista Mani, Nuans and Daniella Font.

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