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PREMIERE: 1STR1C3 - rbtrevenge [51BEATS]

Taken from 1STR1C3's upcoming "Fastridebadfinish" EP due out Feb 25 on 51beats here we premiere "rbtrevenge". Fastridebadfinish is a trip that took place in the car returning from an evening gig. All of a sudden, a normal return home becomes an escape, a race against time with robots who want to take everything you have. A race where the accelerator pedal does not even get up by mistake and your boiled mind now deals only with bad thoughts due to your survival instinct. You think about your loved ones, telling them that we will meet again somewhere else. We think about the counterpart and what he is feeling during the chase, trying to identify himself as much as possible with the latter. You think about why all this is happening and why these robots are angry with you. Where does all this anger come from? Until you get to the grand finale, where it doesn't necessarily end well, where you might have escaped or you might even have hit a wall, effectively losing everything ... in any case, you wake up, the trip ends, you raise the foot off the accelerator and you think about how you got home in such a short time, you throw yourself in bed with your shoes still on and you sleep.

1STR1C3 is a producer and electronic composer based in Milan. His interest in music dates back to when he was a child, then at the age of 17 he goes to London to discover new acoustics which in the time led him to come up with a well defined sound. He keeps on studying sound design in Milan and pursuing in his research of electronic samples and sounds coming from everywhere, 1STR1C3’s sound is both very dark and at the same time warm, also thanks to analogical synth which he got fond of, abroad, in the past years.


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