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PYRAME presents Electronica Melancholia Remixes

Actualizado: 30 mar

A year after releasing the “So Sprach Psychedelia” Remixes EP, brilliantly reworked by Rodion, Skelesys and Rambal Cochet, Thisbe Recordings´ Pyrame releases a second sequel of remixes from his EP “Electronica Melancholia”.


On board - and on target - to remix the title track “Electronica Melancholia”, two usual suspects of Thisbe: Volta Cab ("Alphabet of Humanity" (THISBE009), "Oseary Drakoulias" (THISBELTDX001) and Philip Lawns ("Ten Years of Travel" (THISBE004)). Joining them for the occasion, a recent artist on the label, A-Tweed, who is half of Oblako Maranta, his collab with Radial Gaze and who recently released "Trance Beckenbauer" (THISBE015)).


The Electronica Melancholia Remixes EP starts off straight into A-Tweed´s magic of producing that trademark acid weird disco sound that conveys such a special groove on the dancefloor - and beyond. Remixing the original track into something somehow progressive as well, the Rome-based artist nails another classic of the label´s catalogue. His kick is firm, his percussions even firmer. Yet, A-Tweed manages to keep some of the softness from the original melodies layered over a captivating bassline. A fine work all around.


Next on the Tracklisting is Philip Lawns, who revisited “Electronica Melancholia” from his very intimate lens, taking the listener on a journey into his own mind. Those ambient sounds from within that the Italian artist manages to subtly reproduce in his music, in perfect symbiose with Pyrame´s original arpeggios. The flow is deep and at the same time, dirty like a dusty turntable jumping at every turn. His remix is a portray, where distant voices echo over a phone ringing, hoping from someone to pick up. The music can´t stop, the call remains unanswered.

Third - but not least - the Krasnodar-based über-productive Volta Cab sets once again some serious standards in the post-punk genre, crafting from the very first kick on a mesmerizing mix of EBM and dark electro overlaid by an intense and irresistible infusion of synths on acid. All that in a less-than-4 minutes remix. Powerful.


Cherry on the cake: A-Tweed treats us with an Acid Dub version of his remix. An almost 12 minutes long mix, cruising a 79bpm, to ensure an immersive experience into “la mélancholie électronique” up to the very end of the Remixes EP. Gold.

The EP got support from Sean Johnston, Richard Sen, Local Suicide, Curses, Roe Deers, Jepe, Vongold, Undo and many more...

Furthermore, the tracks have been premiered on Soundcloud via Inverted Audio, Why People Dance, Dream Chimney and KEYI Magazine.

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