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PYRAME presents Senses High

Pyrame, the traveler and cosmic poet now residing in Berlin, releases his new EP "Senses High" on his own imprint THISBE Recordings. In his 2 -track EP, which includes the singles "Senses High" and "Stranger Than Me", Pyrame tells us a story as long as the history of mankind : that of desire, sensuality and mutual attraction.

His music fully embraces his electro, new wave - and even rock, through its provocative nature - influences, and was composed and produced by the end of the pandemic.

The EP also features best-in-class remixes by Andrew Claristidge, La Mverte , Theus Mago and Semodi. It is available both digitally and the two originals on a limited transparent two-sided 10´vinyl edition. The EP got support from Tronik Youth, Curses, Franz Scala, Local Suicide, Parissior, Scott Hutchinson, Vongold, and many more.. The six tracks have been premiered on Soundcloud via Les Yeux Orange, Inverted Audio, Why People Dance, Mutant Disco Radio Show, Dancefloor Romancer and Afterhour Sounds.


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