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Release Review - Peletronic: Honey Badger [RFR Records]

Release Review - Peletronic: Honey Badger [RFR Records]

Peletronic's Honey Badger EP, dropped on RFR Records on Thursday, May 25 2023, is a concoction that merits a thorough listen. The opener, "Riddim & Bassline," is a buzz of a track, filled to the brim with funky elements and a rumbling undertone that burrows into our auditory senses.

The EP's second track, "Sry I'm dazed AF," offers a rather unique blend - a grating, distorted Miami Bass on a bouquet of Deep House. As the title suggests, this track might just be the perfect solace after a heavy weekend.

"True Brew" comes up next, bringing together rough beats and scruffy hi-hats along with a piano harmony in an ensemble that's wonderfully imperfect. The more we listen, the more we yearn for another round of this aural special.

The cherry on top is the final track, a remix of "Riddim & Bassline" by DMX Krew. A bubbly finish to the EP that cements the fact that having Ed DMX on your record means it's complete in every sense.

In Peletronic's words, it's a "Vienna impact on RFR!" and truly, his abstract blueprint is a refreshing splash on the scene.


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