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Release: Yalisaxx - Saxpedition (SEAL)

As for his music productions, Yali (the artist behind Yalisaxx) loves to create unique tracks by combining saxophone sounds with electronic beats. Collaborating with many different artists from different musical backgrounds, his productions range from genres like R&B, funky soul, classical, pop, rock, gypsy arabic, upbeat, or 80’s and 90’s electro.

His latest release together with producer Jahav Moore is another unique adventure during which the pair experimented with styles; “Saxpedition”

Yali: “Since Jahav Moore and I look so similar, people were often mixing us up with one another. One day we decided to just take advantage of this and create music together. Once we started, we simply couldn't stop and the first result was "Saxpedition".”

Jahav Moore produced and mixed the track while Yali played the saxophones and the recorder over it. The title says it all - Saxpedition - is an expedition, a journey into inner galaxies. The duo want to take listeners on a spiritual, emotional ride.

The result is quite an unusual track, that is not easy to pigeonhole when it comes to musical genres. It has a robustly built chill-hop beat, with a lot of psychedelic influences. Sit back and enjoy, as this is probably the beginning of a long collaboration between Yalisaxx and Jahav Moore.


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