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Review: "The Sound of Love" by Kito Jempere and Hard Ton

As summer approaches, Kito Jempere and Hard Ton present the perfect summer jam! Taken from Kito Jempere’s upcoming fifth album, “The Sound of Love” is a classic early nineties Balearic beat ballad. Clocking in at 96 beats per minute, this track delivers morning bliss with mellow pads, Enigma-esque drums, and the beautiful vocal drama of the one and only Hard Ton.

In addition to the title track, the vinyl release is packed with an array of old and new goodies. It includes a fresh club-driven remix by the man of the hour, Eden Burns. Fans will also be thrilled to find the much-requested Andras remix from 2020, previously available only digitally. There’s also a live version of a previous Hard Ton collaboration, “Your Ghost in Me”, performed by the 8-piece Kito Jempere Live Band. Plus, two more massive and previously digital-only remixes from Eden Burns, perfect for all your dance-club needs.

All of this musical goodness is wrapped in a beautiful sleeve designed by Berlin-based photographer Alexey Kiselev. With "The Sound of Love," Kito Jempere and Hard Ton offer a rich and vibrant celebration of sound that captures the essence of summer. This release is not just music; it’s an experience, a journey through rhythm and melody that will keep you dancing all season long.


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