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REVIEW: The Southern Gothic - Straight Up

Nashville duo The Southern Gothic return on July 6 with their brilliant new single Straight Up, a fantastically unique take on the Paula Abdul hit. It's not a song you'd instantly think of them covering, but they do a wonderful job with their cover that sees them following up on past hits, including their #1 CMT Pure Country hit 12-Pack Sheets Down. Again, the pair have provided an outstanding mix of Americana, rock and country music. Straight Up further enhances their growing reputation and shows a natural growth and progression that pushes them to the forefront of the genre and puts them on the map in Nashville and beyond.

The production level of these guys is intense but, on the other hand, the care of the sounds they release is at the level of those who do things because they want to and with the time they really need. Hence, these are productions that when you get closer closely you get trapped by the halo that it gives off. The sound is marked but without burdening us, an oldschool touch (authentic) and a rather cheerful and festive general tone, are some of the adjectives that we can pull off our sleeves if we want to describe this innovative proposal.


For Connor Christian, leader and principal songwriter of The Southern Gothic, life has always been about the journey. The son of an American military officer and diplomat, that journey began at 6 months old, when his family moved from Los Angeles to Jakarta, Indonesia, and from there to places like Singapore, South Korea, and Belgium, as well as periods all over the world. parts. the United States. “I never lived in a place long enough to think of it as my hometown, to make those memories and lifelong associations, so I learned to take little pieces of each stop and make them part of my story.” That history led Connor to Atlanta GA as a young adult. Stints in various other bands led to the formation of The Southern Gothic with former Truckadelic drummer Shawn Thacker. What began as a high-energy house cover band at Atlanta's revered dive bar, Dixie Tavern, grew alongside Connor's writing to become the band Billboard Magazine called his 'Band on the Edge'. Ten months later, the band's second album, 'New Hometown,' debuted at #1 on Billboard's Heatseeker chart and #17 on the Country Albums chart. The same month, the record's lead single, "Sheets Down", reached No. 1 on CMT's Pure Country 12-Pack Countdown, a spot it held for 4 weeks -


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