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Rising bass producer RANKZ lands on Subcarbon Records, diving into the limelight with a bold, bass-heavy manifesto in his latest EP, “Can’t Escape”. The fresh offering follows on the heels of his July-released single “Alien Technology”, as well as his June-released 3-track EP ‘BURN’. Channeling the kind of seismic energy that promises to rattle sound systems and ear drums alike, the 4-track soundscape is every bit as entrancing as it is intense. ‘Can’t Escape’ EP is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Subcarbon Records.

The EP kicks off with its titular track, “Can’t Escape”. Co-crafted with BRAINWAVEZ, the offering instantly immerses listeners into a world of suspense and anticipation, leading to a powerful bass drop that promises to reverberate long after its played. Punctuated by sharp, rhythmic percussive elements, “Can’t Escape” offers a pulse-pounding introduction to the auditory odyssey that lies ahead. The adrenaline then kicks up a notch with “WTF Is Up”. Clocking in at just under 2 minutes, the track stands out as an audacious statement piece in the collection. The initial mesmerizing sequences segue seamlessly into a heart-pounding climax, echoing with deep, resonant bass lines that are distinctly RANKZ.

"This EP carries a dual message. It symbolizes the struggle to challenge societal norms within our current simulation, while also serving as a reminder of life's brevity. I want it to urge people to make the most of our time and experiences while also recognizing that this life is finite."


Oblivion” offers an intergalactic sonic experience, transporting listeners to otherworldly dimensions, where the boundaries between the known and the unknown blur. The track exudes an eerie, captivating charm, displaying RANKZ's flair for storytelling through sound. Concluding the EP is “OMG”,, a track that epitomizes RANKZ’s signature bass nuances. The final number brims with a heady mixture of eclectic beats that promises to both challenge and satiate the aural palate of bass aficionados. With every fresh offering, RANKZ solidifies his prowess and commitment to sculpting new horizons in bass music, infusing his signature experimental touch. The latest music endeavor serves as an enticing tour de force of sound that sets an exciting precedent for what to expect from the creative force moving into 2024 and beyond.

ABOUT RANKZ -- Rankz made a splash in the music scene with his debut track "Gravity" on Spaceyacht Records, garnering immense support from the bass music community. He has consistently pushed the boundaries of what he terms "palatable experimental bass music." Following the success of "Gravity," Rankz delivered a series of impressive releases on BassrushRecords and Jauz's Bite This Records, turning heads and earning him the opportunity to perform alongside esteemed artists like Jauz, Ghastly, Subtronics, PhaseOne, Feed Me, Level UP, Tvboo, and more. Rankz marked his festival debut at Hard Summer 2021 and followed it up with a memorable appearance at Countdown Music Festival in 2022. With growing momentum, Rankz has exciting plans on the horizon for the near future.


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