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After carving a notable niche in the world of bass, zoska strikes again, landing on Subcarbon Records with an irresistible pulse of energy in her new EP, "zest". The 4-track masterpiece seamlessly fuses bass-drenched beats with tantalizing jazz nuances, presenting an electronic music saga that's both distinctive and unparalleled. Each track, while unique, resonates with a jazzy rhythm, collectively curating an unmatched musical journey. Exuding waves of compelling vibrations, "zest" promises an unforgettable sonic experience. ‘zest’ is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Subcarbon Records.

The EP kicks off with "keep up", mesmerizing listeners with its refined jazz-tinged groove. Impeccably merging the allure of soulful piano, heartfelt saxophone, and captivating vocals, it builds up to atmospheric crescendos that are a delight for bass aficionados. The tracks effortlessly invite listeners into a soundscape where myriad components intertwine, painting an auditory picture rich in emotion and depth. The journey continues with "funk flavor", a track that champions the jazz essence while amplifying the bass vibrato.

"When I started producing, I had no idea what to expect, but I fell in love with all of it. I come from a huge music background and was the definition of a band geek… still am. I discovered the world of EDM, and I knew then that I wanted to create something unique to who I am and blend the worlds I love. This EP is a collection of some of my early tunes all the way to recent tracks,and I can't thank Subcarbon enough for embracing the sound I've always been. I am so excited to be a part of the family, and I can't wait for you to hear who zoska is.”

- zoska

"i got you" navigates the listeners through a vibrant chapter of the EP, radiating a kinetic force that metamorphoses to an immersive sonic adventure. Rounding out the EP is its crowning jewel, "iDnB". Crafted for the discerning drum and bass aficionado, it thrives on its whimsical rhythms and fervent tempos, heralding a memorable finale to the EP. All in all, "zest" stands as a profound testament to zoska's diverse artistic capabilities and her natural flair for weaving different musical threads into an echoing symphony. zoska's unparalleled musical acumen is undeniable, affirming her stature as a rising force in the electronic music scene. The ‘zest’ EP, in synergy with her previous endeavors, underscores the profound spectrum of her aptitude and teases a boundless musical vista in the offing. Her earlier collaboration in March with bass virtuoso Dirt Monkey has already garnered over 260,000 streams on Spotify. Her consistent brilliance leaves listeners spellbound, with eager anticipation for the aural wonders she's destined to unveil next.

ABOUT ZOSKA -- zoska merges funk, jazz, and bass to produce a diverse array of musical flavors. Growing up in the Midwest, she developed a passion for playing the piano, saxophone, and ukulele, and her love for singing grew with her. Using Ableton, zoska seamlessly blends her songwriting abilities with the aesthetics of the contemporary underground bass music world.

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