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Rose Ringed releases high-energy ‘Prism’ EP on Closed Eyes Recordings

Rose Ringed, still on a high from his recent remix of Reflekt’s UK #1 ‘Need To Feel Loved’ supported by Pete Tong, Joris Voorn, Eelke Kleijn et al, is back on his own Closed Eyes Recordings imprint with multi-genre three-track EP ‘Prism’.

The Amsterdam multi-instrumentalist/DJ/producer raids melodic techno, house, euphoric trance, synthpop, to bring high-energy uplift but also deep emotion to ravers and listeners, after the tragic childhood loss of his beloved jazz ballerina Mum caused the 11 year old to seek comfort in the euphoria of his dad's electronic music CDs - a catharsis he feels driven to share - and don't we all need more joy? Hence his ever-higher support from fans and industry names alike; with Joris Voorn, he played B2B at his sold-out Album live show, and the two released an EP together; as well as the Reflekt remix, RR also remixed ESTIVA’s ‘Snow Flower’, and played before Solomun (Hangar Brussels, 10k audience), Adriatique (OFF Sonar), and is booked for Tomorrowland and Mysteryland.  

‘Stands Still’ (w. Julia Adriana): choppy organ notes over a jumping house beat and a fast, high synth melody showcase Adriana’s voice - now layered, now solo in long, sustained notes of stunning clarity – singing of ‘those moments in which the world just stops, your thoughts spinning with you. The control needed for those extended still phrases is just incredible,’ says Rose Ringed of his ‘friend and amazing talent’

‘All I Need’ is a full-on blast of speed and joy, with diamond-sharp house beat, techno-ish acid upper bass, spare distorted ‘morse’ melody, an insistent, poppy vocal riff, a big build breakdown bringing a trance drop which already has hands and energy through the roof in his DJ sets… hard to pin down the genre but easy to feel the lift it brings. 

‘Big Bang’: a steady portentous build via a displaced beat with ratatat percussion, choral chords bringing gravitas, speeding up, the extended breakdown with frantic high siren synth notes, the drop, the BIG bang –woven from RR’s doodling of a rhythmic G in 3 octaves inspiring him to ‘keep a repetitive G throughout, developing and bursting into the final explosion. I found a chord progression to glide underneath that lead which brought the story I always look for in my tracks.’ 

‘Prism’ is out now on Closed Eyes Recordings. Get it here. 


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