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Rwbel presents Lluvia EP [VK Underground Records]

VK Underground Records announces the release of a groundbreaking EP that will redefine the hardgroove techno scene. Created by talented producer and label boss, Rwbel, “Lluvia” is more than just music; It is an experience waiting to unfold.

Mark your calendar and get ready to dive into the depths of techno with “Lluvia.” Whether you're a die-hard techno enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, this EP will leave a lasting impression.

Thank you for your continued support in bringing innovative music to the forefront.

Get ready to experience Rwbel's "Lluvia", a sonic journey that redefines the boundaries of techno.

Etiqueta: VK Underground

Ref: VKU019

UPC: 723277272214

Artista: Rwbel

Temas: 1) Lluvia 2) Vamos

Reserva Beatport: 01/05/2024

Beatport exclusivo: 01/12/2024

Todas las plataformas: 26/01/2024


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