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S.A.W. - Hydragate: A Journey Through Time and Sound

S.A.W. - Hydragate: A Journey Through Time and Sound

The power duo of Johannes Schmoelling and Kurt Ader, alias S.A.W., have conjured an ambient and cinematic spell in their sophomore album "Hydragate". It's an exploratory journey, oscillating between profound power and serene lightness, carefully nestled within ten tracks. It's no surprise, given Schmoelling's time spent with Tangerine Dream, that echoes of their melodic composition bleed into "Surface illusions" and the eponymous "Hydragate".

Yet it's the ability to warp into a separate universe in "Whispering colours" that demonstrates the band's adroitness in sound design. This finds its most delicate embodiment in "Sphere", where Ader's reputation as a maestro of sound design for Nightwish and Dream Theater shines. Tracks like "Inside Out" and "Master of Time" serve as portals, blending contemporary tones with audacious electronica.


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