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SA.L.AH, TheArchitech - Glitch feat. Lama Sumlaji

Actualizado: 18 mar 2023

SA.L.AH and TheArchitech come together to create this cultural fusion ep

GLITCH is a journey where ancient sounds and futuristic rhythms collide with oriental instruments and melodic techno.

A journey of hypnotic voices, haunting melodies and modern rhythms that take you on a journey through a universe of euphoric sounds. Along with Lama Sumlaji's voice that adds all this auditory and turns it into a track that you will never forget.

The remix comes from the expert hand of Mushroom Cake, who manages to take this track to the most underground zone of the best clubs in the world.

"Glitch" is a collab between electronic music DJs and producers SA.L.AH and TheArchitech. The EP features the vocals of Lama Sumlaji, an sirian singer-songwriter who is capable of transporting you with her voice to an infinite world full of special sounds.

"Glitch" are two tracks of progressive house and melodic techno that have received a lot of attention and success in the electronic music scene.

The remix of the song by Mushroom Cake, a Spanish electronic music DJ and producer, has also received a lot of attention and has helped increase the song's popularity.

The use of electronic sounds along with elements of traditional Middle Eastern music is a distinctive feature of SA.L.AH's musical style. This unique combination has gained many fans and followers around the world.

TheArchitech is known for its enigmatic and mysterious flow. He is always presented in a silver mask and black robe, adding to his intriguing presence.

Despite his growing fame, TheArchitech's true identity remains unknown to the general public. His contribution to the music scene stands out for his synthesizer-laden melodies and harmonies from the 90s creating a perfect and coherent electronic fusion.

In short, "Glitch" is an exciting and successful collaboration between two talented electronic music producers, SA.LAH and TheArchitech, which has gained many fans in the electronic music scene.

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