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Salvione presents ‘Elevated Radio’ – October

Ground-breaking in sound and energetic in vibes, Salvione’s ‘Elevated Radio’ radio show remains a top-tier listen within the realm of Electronic Music and October’s episodes continued to prove why. Standing out as a top moment for the radio show, the legendary Gene Farris delivered an unforgettable set for ‘Elevated Radio’ during October, presenting an invigorating listen that is sure to have left a lasting impression on fans of the show.

There is no denying the impact that ‘Elevated Radio’ continues to have on the landscape of Electronic Music, now reaching over 3.9 million listeners every week and reaching new stations like KISS FM France and Digital Hits FM in Catalonia, Spain, Salvione shows no signs of slowing down, as with such a hard-hitting and powerful sound, it is no wonder that listeners keep coming back week after week to hear the next exciting instalment offered by the talented Salvione.

With an experienced and well-developed skillset, Salvione is able to curate sonic adventures that appear just as captivating as they are enlightening, highlighting the fresh new sounds on the scene from both established talents as well as up-and-coming Artists. Within October’s episodes, Salvione included productions from Davina Moss, Jack Baron, and Nacho Scoppa: elevating the listening experience with hard-hitting beats, mesmerising melodies, and powerful rhythms, it was certainly a mighty-sounding month for ‘Elevated Radio.’

Marking the 50th episode of the show, Gene Farris was welcomed onto ‘Elevated Radio’, taking over the decks to present a smash line-up of tracks, injecting his powerful signature sound into the mix as he produced a set detailed with unforgettable grooves and funky beats. A true treat for listeners, Gene Farris’ episode most definitely raised the bar for ‘Elevated Radio’ and is sure to have captured attention.

Having worked to establish himself as a significant tastemaker on the scene, bringing attention to the hottest new tracks within Electronic Music, Salvione continues to showcase his impeccable tastes when it comes to presenting his current favourite tracks. Unfaltering in his confidence to display unique and original productions, it is this determined pursuit to push musical limits and disregard the familiar that marks Salvione out as an innovative trailblazer on the scene. With such a loyal enthusiasm for Electronic Music, one that sees him striking out time and time again with captivating mixes that are seemingly unfailing in their ability to energise and amaze, both Salvione as a Producer and the presenter of ‘Elevated Radio’ is a talent to keep watching. So, as November on ‘Elevated Radio’ is guaranteed to be just as unforgettable as October, make sure to catch the next episode as Salvione promises to bring more inspiring mixes to the airwaves this month.

Listen to ‘Elevated Radio’: Soundcloud | Apple Podcasts

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