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Sander Wilder - ‘Global Feelings’ – May

Sander Wilder’s ‘Global Feelings’ offered listeners another thrilling mix for May on the show; diverse, dynamic, and captivating, the episode placed Sander Wilder’s unique talents and original tastes front and centre, resulting in a sonic journey that was as varied as it was engaging. As Sander Wilder revealed his recent discoveries, the episode highlighted the hard-hitting energy of Progressive House, unleashing punchy beats, potent basslines, and intoxicating details through a carefully constructed selection of tracks. Creatively driven by his pure passion for Electronic Music whilst appearing equipped with an understanding and knowledge of the genre, Sander Wilder delivers an impactful episode of ‘Global Feelings’ each month, with May proving no different. 

As listeners continue to be drawn in by Sander Wilder’s distinctive style, hooked to his innovative tastes and perspective, ‘Global Feelings’ keeps gaining momentum, garnering attention as Sander Wilder puts forward a varied range of music. With each episode offering a taste of his impressive talents, appearing as well-constructed mixes that highlight his innate abilities and skills when it comes to designing enthralling sonic journeys, Sander Wilder remains motivated to shine a light on the diversity inherent within Electronic Music. 

Through May’s episode, the music featured certainly came as proof of Sander Wilder’s penchant for exploring the depths of the genre; diving in to uncover the freshest innovators on the scene, the selection of talent displayed made for a well-balanced listening experience, highlighting emerging stars and established Artists within Electronic Music. With music from up-and-comers like Joston and Mind of Us, the featuring of well-known Producers like Hour 11 and FR3SH TrX served to ensure that listeners remained hooked, compelled to return to hear the next instalment of ‘Global Feelings’ and continue celebrating the array of talents creating within the realm of Electronic Music today.

A platform that maintains sonic originality each and every month, Sander Wilder’s ‘Global Feelings’ continues to cement itself as a refreshing listen, ideal for both genre enthusiasts and newcomers looking to immerse themselves in the hottest Progressive House sounds. Sure to keep the bar raised as he drops June’s episode, Sander Wilder’s dedication and enthusiasm remain clear, supporting his search for intoxicating music and drive to create a show that stands out within Electronic Music. So, don’t miss out on experiencing the enthralling vibes of ‘Global Feelings’ for yourself, and follow Sander Wilder across social media to stay in the know about his upcoming projects and releases. 

Listen to ‘Global Feelings’ here:

Sander Wilder Online

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