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Sander Wilder - ‘Infinite Hourglass’

Actualizado: 11 abr

Sander Wilder unveils his latest must-listen Progressive House track, ‘Infinite Hourglass’ via the label White Soho. A talented Producer who continues to shine brightly within the world of Electronic Music, this latest release from Sander Wilder once again proves why he should remain on the radar of genre enthusiasts around the globe: a high-quality track that is certainly worthy of attention.

As he makes his mark on the Electronic Music scene, dropping hard-hitting releases and curating unmissable episodes of his monthly show ‘Global Feelings’, Sander Wilder emerges as an inventive and exciting addition to the genre. Having just recently released his single, ‘Timewarp’, this new production suggests Sander Wilder to be keeping his momentum and drive high, continuing with a consistent release schedule as he offers listeners another enthralling listening experience.

The track starts with a driving riser, propelling into a soundscape layered with pulsing basslines, a punchy synth lead, and textural underlying pads. As the mix introduces more captivating sonic details, guiding towards an atmospheric breakdown built from ethereal-sounding vocals and uplifting hooks, ‘Infinite Hourglass’ makes sure to keep the mesmerising vibes high, bringing the grinding energy back once again with the return of thumping rhythms, bouncy melodic elements, and powerful low-end. With the track showcasing Sander Wilder’s unique signature sound, offering listeners a sonic journey that is sure to impress, ‘Infinite Hourglass’ comes as another hard-hitting production from the talented Producer, establishing him once again as one to keep watching.

Dedicated and committed, Sander Wilder’s original approach towards music production continues to see him striking out with music that raises the bar, taking his creativity to new ground as he works to cement his place as an innovative creator within Electronic Music today. With genre lovers continuing to be drawn to him through his passion and enthusiasm, intrigued by his magnetising energy, Sander Wilder’s reputation is surely only set to grow further. So, make sure to keep up-to-date with him by following Sander Wilder across social media. ‘Infinite Hourglass’ is out now via White Soho and available to stream and download across platforms.

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