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Sasha Carassi delivers impressive Truesoul debut with ‘Memoria’

The respected artist shares an association with Adam Beyer going back to 2010, when he debuted on Drumcode with the excellent ‘Hypercombo’ EP. He went on to contribute to the collaborative EP ‘The Napoli Connection’ on DC a year later, before gifting ‘The Hard Parade’ to A-Sides Vol.3 in 2015 – a highlight of that year.

His return to Beyer’s labels marks a full circle moment for the prolific artist, who’s long had a foot in both techno and house camps. ‘Memoria’ is a special cut, driven by strong melodic stabs and a rock-solid backbone that’ll ensure it slides into a variety of different sets. No surprise it lit up the Afterlife show in Medellin and Kappa Futur Festival. ‘WHRS’ is an emotion-charged production that shines with old skool spirit, encompassing elements of house, techno and breakbeat.



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