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Following his noteworthy contribution to John Digweed’s mammoth compilation, Quattro II, in March, Tokyo-native Satoshi Fumi brings his signature deep tech house sound back to Digweed’s Bedrock Records with his new EP ‘Nu Era.’ As the project oscillates from acid riffs and drum machines to piano riffs and live percussion, Fumi strikes a precise harmony between the highs of a night out clubbing and the warmth of a night in. ‘Nu Era’ is out now across all streaming platforms via Bedrock Records.

Nu Era’ opens with the EP’s title track, an intriguing production that utilizes a frenetic array of piano stabs and riffs over a busy drum machine loop. Through its peaks and valleys, “Nu Era” ranges from pensive tranquility to subdued euphoria. From there, Fumi utilizes simple traditional drum samples to craft a bouncy syncopated rhythm on “Mbira.” The dense pattern captures attention while leaving ample room for Fumi’s elevating synths to build tension and heighten anticipation. Lastly, Fumi returns to the piano keys for the ‘90s house-inspired “Take Me.” Arriving as original and instrumental mixes, the lush backdrop of “Take Me” showcases Fumi’s full range of talent in a natural and impressive fashion.

ABOUT SATOSHI FUMI -- Since his first release in 2005, Satoshi Fumi has consistently pushed the envelope while developing his deep tech house sound. To this day, Fumi draws heavy inspiration from classic ‘80s electronic music, as well as the localized American house and techno scenes of Detroit, Chicago, and New York in the ‘90s. Fumi’s expertise and dedication have garnered attention worldwide, landing him on labels Bedrock, Get Physical Music, Moodmusic, We Play House Recordings, King Street Sounds, Detone, Plastic City, and more. Fumi runs the record label Sequent:Recordings and hosts his monthly radio station Outerspace on Proton Radio.


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