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Seb El Zin presents: “Lingua Minimalista”

Seb El Zin´s EP “Lingua Minimalista” keeps spreading words, but also pictures.

Indeed, after an exalting release of his 2-originals EP, with the singles “Lingua Minimalista” and “The Hashashins´Aksak”, in December 2023 via the Berlin-based record label THISBE Recordings, a music video of “Lingua Minimalista” followed, premiered on Disco Safari earlier this year.

Today, THISBE Recordings presents the music video of the second single “The Hashashins´Aksak”, a high tempo voyage across cultures and geographies, as well as across time and eras as Seb El Zin displays once again his original work not only when it comes to music, but now also visually.

 You don´t need to sit back and relax, but you should definitely enjoy the trip.   


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