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Shawn Jackson - ‘Higher Ground Radio’ – January

With January seeing Shawn Jackson deliver another collection of memorable mixes for his radio show ‘Higher Ground Radio’, fans of the show were no doubt reminded of his stellar mixing skills and impeccable tastes, once again impressed by his seemingly innate ability to curate electrifying sonic experiences. As he bought music from a wide range of gifted Artists on the Electronic Music scene, Shawn Jackson made sure his listeners remained hooked, drawn in by his distinct and original signature sound that continues to mark him as an influential force within the genre today.

The quality of each and every episode of ‘Higher Ground Radio’ surely comes as a credit to Shawn Jackson’s extensive experience within Electronic Music; a multi-faceted talent, his career has seen him take on the role of Producer, DJ, label boss, and now radio show host. With over three decades within the genre, Shawn Jackson’s approach to crafting his radio show mixes no doubt comes from the perspective of a knowledgeable and skilled expert, leading to episodes that are consistently high in standard and exciting in sound. 

With January marking the start of a new year, Shawn Jackson showed himself to be keeping his drive and motivation high, bringing a powerful collection of episodes for his fans to dive into. As he featured the likes of Back Groove, Biscits, and Tita Lau, Shawn Jackson also took the opportunity to highlight work from his own production catalogue, placing his striking production abilities and original signature sound in the spotlight. Having presented a well-thought-out selection of tracks, bringing attention to the diverse and vibrant nature of the Electronic Music scene, Shawn Jackson certainly provided listeners of ‘Higher Ground Radio’ with a sonic treat to kickstart their 2024.

The reputation and status that Shawn Jackson continues to hold within Electronic Music no doubt places his name among the top Producers and DJs on the scene. With an influence that extends to all four corners of the globe, as genre enthusiasts continue to be captivated by his dynamic sound and engaging energy, Shawn Jackson surely remains an unmissable talent, presenting a radio show that is just as impressive. So, appearing as the perfect destination for genre fans to explore the hottest sounds of Electronic Music, make sure to tune into February’s episodes of ‘Higher Ground Radio’.  

Listen to ‘Higher Ground Radio’ here:

Shawn Jackson OnlineBeatport | Soundcloud | Instagram


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