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Silent Forum release vivacious new 'Here's The Email' single on Out Now via Libertino

"Brilliant Band"

John Kennedy, Radio X

"A contagious Anthem to your inner peace"

- Amplify The Noise

"Finding the biting point between melancholy and jubilation'

- Circuit Sweet

"Stellar songwriting topped with brilliant and ‘outside-the-box’ guitar playing"

- Jammerzine

"Excited to have them on our radar"

- Audio Fuzz

Listen / Stream 'Silent Forum' - 'Here's The Email'

Stream The Video via Youtube Here

Silent Forum are excited to share their new single 'Here's The Email' which is coming out via Libertino Records on Tuesday 24 October.

'Here’s The Email' is Silent Forum at its post-punkiest and most destructive, presenting the perspective of the disgruntled office worker, now working from home, juxtaposing corporate life lyrics with jagged guitar chaos.

Silent Forum split their time between Cardiff, London, Bristol and Barcelona. Their sound is equally unconventional - multifaceted music with confident but subtle streaks of dark energy. It’s textured pop-post-punk that equally rejects three chord song structure and monochrome doom.

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