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Slurm returns with remixes of his Rebirth LP featuring Fran Bortolossi.

Slurm's "Rebirth LP Remixes" offers a fresh take on the Brazilian producer's celebrated album, released two years ago. The EP features four remixes by different producers, each bringing their unique touch to the already solid foundation of Slurm's work.

The EP starts with Fran Bortolossi's remix of "A Guide To Bliss," which sets the tone for the rest of the record. Bortolossi transforms the original ambient track into a classic, groovy minimalistic tune with its pulsating bassline and infectious beats.

The following remixes showcase the talents of three producers associated with Savia Park, the label releasing the EP. Each remix stands out on its own and offers a unique perspective on Slurm's original work.

Overall, "Rebirth LP Remixes" is a solid release that showcases the talents of both Slurm and the remixers involved. The EP is a great addition to any house music lover's collection and is sure to keep dance floors moving.


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